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A Day in the Life of a PNUan

Getting stuck in overly congested traffic situations before arriving the school premises is undeniably every PNUan’s dilemma.

Recollecting the words of one professor, we cannot make that excuse for our tardiness a habit until we graduate, for it is becoming more of a “way of life”. It is for our mindsets to adjust in this almost irresolute predicament.

Check out the short digital story my group mates and I created in one of our classes featuring the two kinds of a PNUan travelling to school.


Watch these other videos to get a better view of the lives dealt by our own fellow PNUans


Everyone has great stories but not all of them are told.

Why not make your own video of your day-to-day experiences as a Normal student? Make sure to capture your most favorite part of your day and don’t forget to include your friends, professors, and even your favorite food in Luncheonette!


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