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Ode to My Favorite Places


When turmoil sparks

And darkness ensues

I find comfort in the place

where the light shines

through the prismatic

elegance of stained glasses;

in the story of the struggle

and salvation etched in them

When the thoughts are loud,

when the world and words

bite harsh

The stillness I find is

the most peaceful I know

I learned to listen in the

blissful hush

and hear the answers

with my eyes closed,

and my knees bowed


In there

where paradise is in the smell

of knowledge—old or new

pages that seem so endless

and timeless

Amidst the

forsaken tables and chairs choked

in dust and silence—gloomy yet bright

the brightest place I have

ever known

In that serenity

I am spared from all distress

there originates the prowess

of my thoughts in progress

my words’ prowess

there resides every dream

and blissfulness

of my soul


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