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Ode to My Favorite Places


When turmoil sparks

And darkness ensues

I find comfort in the place

where the light shines

through the prismatic

elegance of stained glasses;

in the story of the struggle

and salvation etched in them

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Parting Time

If you would ask me about the growing pains of being a college student, I’d say it’s the burden of being apart from our families back home.

Shakespeare, yes, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Most students have welcoming homes they can return to after a long day in school but for some who cannot afford the fare expenses of the cruel distance, they live in dorms within the reach of university.

Along searching for a possible refuge, I found a fitting poem that reflects an equal sentimentality. The poem is entitled, “Valediction sa Hillcrest” and was written by the former Philippine National Artist, Rolando Tinio. The mood of the poetry is nostalgic as it talks about a man who recalls memories he spent in the two different places he lived in: a foreign land (Iowa), and his native land (Philippines). The quirky and unique use of two languages in telling the story mirrors the persona’s character as the two different places made a special mark in him–like they have become a part of his identity.

This is a type of poem that college students will appreciate and can relate with since many of us live away from our homes to study in university. We cherish both places, create memories in them, and feel a pang of sadness when we are away from the other.

Taste the reminiscence in this poem:

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Dear Stressed Sojourner,

Every time I stand in front of the mirror, I have the common, bizarre, vivid visions like yours


—that whirling dark smoke which seemed to wrap around and suffocate you with nightmares and bitterness until you choke out the magic elements in the periodic table Au Co Na Po and think of vanishing in just a blink of all the eyes staring at you.

It is inside me. It penetrates. It hurts, and all that I ever wanted was to be free once more.

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